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Investment Overview


The 1791 Real Estate Investment Fund provide investors with a low-volatility income stream of continuous and attractive cash distributions generated from Real Estate Investments.

We offer our investors the chance to participate in specific fund segments: earning a 6% fixed rent, or subscribing to our variable net rent program wiith a 8%(+/-3) rent for high risk/return profiles.

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Our focus is based in Reunion Resort in Orlando, Florida. We manage property management trough 1791 Vacation Experience: our short term rentals unit. This strategy increases revenue for investors 4x as much as regular long term leases with very low risk exposure, due to Orlando’s turistic value.

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You pay $0 in asset management fees.

We do not want our investors to pay large fees, this is why we cover every expenses related to the operation of the funds with 1791 Vacation Experience villas rentals profit. The fund is designed for an initial 5 year operation contract and theres no need to commit your participation, all fees and operational costs are coverded by us.

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Mortgage Only Fund

The 1791 Mtg Investment Fund Segment #15 focuses on financing the purchase of a portfolio of Triple A properties located at the Reunion Resort of Orlando, Florida, and generate income based on a very competitive Mortgage backed security agreement. The Fund will derive its operating income from the quarterly coupon services form the agreed upon note.

Featured Assets

Below is a sampling of real estate assets into which the 1791 Real Estate Investment Fund has invested. 1791 Real Estate members receive notifications when new assets are added to the eREIT.

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Our Liquidity Plan gives you quarterly liquidity

Despite the 1791 Real Estate Investment Fund is meant to be a long term investment, we know it’s important to have financial flexibility. This is why we provide a liquidity plan that allows investors to sell their interests back to us on a quarterly basis in every phase of the contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make Money?

You earn returns based on the Real Estate investments made by 1791 Investment Fund. By investing in the fund you are purchasing interests of a limited liability company. With this interests, you have a quarterly distribution of income. Meanwhile, the properties increase in value and by the time we sell them, we divide the income between investors proportionally to their participation.

What am I investing in?

The 1791 Real Estate Investment fund bases its Strategy in Orlando, Florida. A rising market in regard to Real Estate, with an estimate of 35% of increase in prices in three years.
 The fund buys and restores premium properties in Reunion Resort, a five star luxury resort of 950 acres with 3 award-winning golf courses and only ten minutes away from Walt Disney World area. This is why, through our vacation rentals company: 1791 Vacation Experience, we give our investors an ultimate competitive return rate.

What are the costs and fees associated with investing?

We do not have any management or extra fees.

What are the risks involved with investing?

Participating in 1791 Real Estate Investment Fund involves a number of risks and should only be considered by sophisticated investors who understand the risks involved and can withstand the loss of their entire investment. All investors should carefully review the Risk Factors section of the Fund’s Offering Circular, which contains a detailed discussion of the material risks that each investor should consider before investing.

Can I redeem my shares?

Yes you can. While you should view your investment as long-term, the Fund has adopted a quarterly liquidity plan, whereby shareholders may request a redemption of some or all of their shares at the end of each quarter and we will buy them back with a discount. For a fuller description the quarterly liquidity plan, please see the disclosure contained in the fund Offering Circular.

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