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F.A.Q. & Glossary


Be it on buying. selling or home loans, we have tried to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions related to 1791 Real Estate products.

Why Orlando?

According to Forbes, Orlando is on the top 4 cities in the United States to invest in real estate. Based on an estimate that the market will appreciate a 30% in the next 3 years.

Do I have to travel to the United States?

Not necessarily. The closing process could be done at any American Embassy.

How long is the investment process?

The process is fast and simple. It takes from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the financial needs and goals of each client.

Which is the fee for the property management?

1791 Does not charge you any fee for the property management.

Do I have any closing costs?

Yes, the closing costs will depend on the property price. The amount will be about 2% on the listing price.

What if nobody rents my Condo?

1791 guarantees to pay for all property costs even if your property is not rented.

Do I need a visa to invest in the United States?

No. You will need a visa only if you want to visit to the US.

Can I buy the property and manage it by myself?

Yes, you can. 1791 offers an optional property management service to make your investment efficient.

May I rescind the contract?

Yes. As long as you notice us 90 days in advance, you will not have any cost.

Where do I receive my rent?

In your US bank account. 1791 will provide a user name and password to log in to our web site. Once logged on, you can withdraw your rent monthly and it will be transferred.

Which legal frame will rule our business relation?

All contracts will be held under the American law.

Can I sell my property?

Yes you can. 1791 has a broker license in Florida and helps you over the selling process.

Which is the return on my investment (ROI)?

Currently, clients are getting a ROI of 6 % to 8 % (annually).

How does your company generate my return?

1791 rents your property for short-term guests through the brand 1791 Vacation Experience. The properties are located at Reunion Resort, this resort has 2226 acres and is six miles away Walt Disney World with 3 PGA golf courses.

Can I use my Property even though 1791 is managing it?

Yes, you can. You have 8 weeks per year to enjoy your property and all Reunion Resort facilities.



Is the form of housing tenure where a specified part of a piece of real estate (usually of an apartment house) is individually owned. Each owner receiving a recordable deed to the individual unit purchased, including the right to sell, mortgage, etc.


Limited Liability Company. People usually buy properties under an LLC structure.

Title Company

Is the agent that provides the services for the closing of the property when it is being purchased. Examples of these services are: title insurance, AS-IS contract, escrow collection, HUD, deed.


Is a document created by the Title Company when a property is being purchased and it has all the costs related to the transaction.


Is a contract between the seller of a property and the buyer, in which the ownership of.

Bill of sale

Contract through which a client buys a membership of an LLC.

Operating agreement

This document establishes the owners and manager of an LLC and the right and duties they have.

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