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Our simple three steps framework, provides you with a strong strategy to support your investment needs

Capitalization rate is a percentage that represents the Return on investment based on the Price increase of the asset that you acquired. All the properties that we offer have great potential for capitalization.

Rent is represented by the monthly cash flow that the asset generates measured in currency. Our strategy is focussed in the short term vacation rental of the units under our Property Management services. 

Our Investment Funds provide investors with a low-volatility income stream of continuous and attractive cash distributions generated from Real Estate Investments.

All the properties that we offer have great potential for capitalization as we screen our opportunities and only capture the ones with solid economic fundamentals


With a local consultancy approach tailor to each clients needs, we help to make the process of Investing very simple from anywhere in the world

With the current international economic pressure under currencies parity, a vital part of our strategy is to nominate all our investments in USD Dollars.


We conduct business in Florida, thus all the rights and obligations derived from the contracts that we execute are overseen by the US Federal and Florida State Legal system.

We choose Reunion Resort because the potential of doing great business while you enjoy of the best exclusive place, close to most Orlando attractions.


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